Flight is Booked

19 12 2012

Flight is Booked

I haven’t really updated in a while because my process has slowed to a steady churn until today, when I booked my flight! As my mom said, “Now you have to go!” As of today, I leave in 41 days… so in little over a month! As for my checklist of things left to do, I need to buy my residence permit and health insurance (there was some miscommunication about it), talk to Verizon about suspending my phone (I plan to take it and only use the Wifi), harass financial aid until they actually put on my scholarships (fat chance?) and pack (procrastination to the rescue!). On a semi-unrelated note, I got a 4.0 GPA this semester with all A’s, putting me at 3.94 overall. As a self-declared nerd, I am pleased. Next semester won’t count against my GPA here at UT, which is nice to hear.
By the way, if the world does actually end on Friday, I’m gonna be kinda irritated. All this stress for nothing!


Classes, Classes

7 12 2012

Classes, Classes

So, in an effort to distract myself from the reality that I ACTUALLY am going to Holland in January, I didn’t drop my classes until Thursday. Mostly, this was because the study abroad office hadn’t yet added the study abroad course to my schedule (it acts as a place holder so I am still enrolled in the unversity). But they added it. And I dropped all my classes. Eek.

On a side note, the financial aid office is causing me headaches and stress yet again (none of my financial aid is up for the next semester)… What a surprise.

It’s “Official”

4 12 2012

Today, I got my official e-mail from Hogeschool letting me know I had been accepted to the school to study! I find it semi-funny that I already reserved my housing, dropped my classes and battled for money before even being accepted, but I suppose that is how the world works. I only have one more big thing to do, and that is to reserve my flight and book a hostel once I am there (unfortunately, I can’t move into my apartment until February 1st, the same day as International orientation).


On a semi-unrelated note, today is the last day of classes here at UT! Which, in turn, means my trip is getting closer and closer by the minute. It just seems so ridiculous in my mind!