Concrete Jungle Where Dreams Are Made Of

22 09 2013

Hello all! I’m afraid that as of late, my life has not been near as exciting as in previous posts. Everything is a constant churn between WBIR, class, TAH and the little sleep I get in between. It’s safe to say that everything has slowly but surely fallen back to normal, even though I am anything but!

Uhm, Trader Joe's has stroopwafels!!!

Trader Joe’s has stroopwafels!!!

There is another adventure that is slowly creeping up on me, however. In a crazy turn of events, I am officially going to New York City in January with 28 of my UT journalism peers! This trip is an AMAZING opportunity because with Dr. Swan at the helm, we get to explore ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, NY 1, CNN, Food Network, a Broadway show [one of my favs!], the Daily Show with Jon Stewart and a ton of other amazing things! Although it is very, very expensive, it’s a great opportunity to network with both UT and non-UT alumni. I’m really looking forward to go back to NYC not only as a tourist but as a prospective journalist exploring one of the top three markets!

But that is a long ways off and for now all I’m focusing on it succeeding and impressing people through my internship at WBIR, creating quality packages for JEM 411 and passing economics [which I probably won’t do if I keep getting distracted with blog updates.]

Hopefully, there will be some blog-worthy news in the near future!

Tot ziens!



The Art of Journalism

22 09 2013

Something to read!