March Madness: Episode One

7 03 2014

Okay, so doing the New York update was definitely wishful thinking! Of course, upon my return I was submerged in school work that has often gotten the best of me! That being said, New York was phenomenal. Although I won’t dive into my usual ‘step-by-step’ layout, the brief overview will be just as sufficient.

IMG_1938 IMG_1943 IMG_2101

Me and Times Square IMG_2108 IMG_2222

While there we had the opportunity to meet [literally] some of the best in the business, including Gayle King and [drumroll!] ANDERSON COOPER, who is safe to say the nicest human being on the planet. I touched his hair.IMG_2306

You read that right.

IMG_1948 IMG_2247 IMG_1717 IMG_1669

We saw all the major networks, ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, CNN. I also got to see my dream school, Columbia! And talk with a graduate school adviser [Eek!]. I hung out with some of my favorite people and got to know quite a few better while there. Overall, one of the most memorable experiences thus far! [Study abroad still holds the number one spot, never fear.]

And now?

Spring break is fastly approaching and I am instantly reminded that last year over spring break, I was backpacking in Italy.

me and trevi basilica view two its leaning church of Florence

This spring break?

Greeneville, Tennessee. It doesn’t sound as pleasant, I’m afraid. Not to mention that March is pretty much the definitive month that decides what I am going to be doing this summer and that TERRIFIES me. I just hate playing the waiting game. Other than that?

Filming, interviewing, making packages. Living the dream, I suppose.

More to come in the future when my life becomes more interesting! But for now, tot ziens!