So, it begins.

20 05 2014

I love adventure. Ever since January 30th, 2013, I crave it on a daily basis. Something new. Something different. It drives my hopes and dreams. And on the 15th, I started a new IMG_4323adventure by moving to Atlanta. Since then, I’ve settled into my new apartment. It’s in a quaint gated community with plenty oIMG_4292f people sitting on their decks enjoying the cool weather until the heat consumes us.

I haven’t started my new job as an intern yet, but I am experiencing something new by living by myself. I have a pretty nice apartment, with a full kitchen, spacious living room, small deck and a very big bed to flail on. The feeling of being on my own is a lot like what I experienced walking the streets of Paris or Prague: in control and independent. Though arguably, those places had much nicer sites to see.

I am beyond excited to start working at CNN. I am slightly less enthused to begin driving there. Talking with the other interns reminds me I’m surrounded by just as [if not more] talented colleagues that I should try to help in any way I can while learning myself. So often young journalists are told that this is a cut-throat and competitive field. But as I am often reminded, while it may be competitive, I don’t think any true journalist got where they are by being cut-throat.

And if all else fails, I’m going to remember just how nice Anderson was. I adore that man. IMG_4370




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