Places I Have Visited

The places I haven’t visited are black. The places I have visited are blue.

Utrecht, The Netherlands –1/31/2013
‘s-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands – 2/9/2013
Amsterdam, The Netherlands –2/16/2013
The Hague, The Netherlands – 3/9/2013
Keukenhof, The Netherlands – 4/28/2013
Rotterdam, The Netherlands – 5/24/2013

Rome, Italy – 3/23/2013
Florence, Italy – 3/26/2013
Pisa, Italy – 3/27/2013

Berlin, Germany – 4/3/2013

Prague, Czech Republic – 5/2/2013

Paris, France – 5/31/2013
Versailles, France – 6/2/2013

London, England – 6/18/2013

Honorable Mention:
Brussels, Belgium
– I did pass through on my way to Paris and London…does that count?

Pompeii, Italy
Venice, Italy
Verona, Itlay

Budapest, Hungary

Vienna, Austria
Salzburg, Austria
Insbruck, Austria

Dublin, Ireland
Edinburgh, Scotland

Auschwitz, Poland


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