The Program

The programme European Culture & European Journalism explores a variety of topics in journalism and culture. We will equip you with knowledge and skills to deal with reporting on several important cultural European issues. A field trip will show you cultural and architectural aspects of Berlin. The courses will prepare you for a reporting trip (on your own) to a European city. The final weeks of the programme you will make an internet-magazine with your stories in it.

This year’s theme is: Traditions and Trends.

The program includes ‘content courses’ to equip you with a solid basis on important aspects of European culture from a journalistic viewpoint. Thus we shall provide you with the opportunity of gaining understanding of recent social and cultural developments and current debates.

The skills units will focus on research, writing features and in-depth reporting.

The first part of the programme you will be staying at the School of Journalism in Utrecht to take the ‘content courses’. The second part we send you all over Europe to make (individual) stories on an aspect of European culture. We end the programme in the School Newsroom, producing the E-zine on European culture.

This programme enables you to prepare for a career in international reporting. You will get to understand the cultural and social aspects of Europe and you will find your way around as a journalist in unfamiliar circumstances. Furthermore, you will broaden your horizon and be equipped with a global perspective and a sophisticated journalistic attitude.

This undergraduate program is offered every year from February up to June. Students receive 30 ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) for the whole programme. The complete programme is the equivalent of a semester at your home university. You will receive a certificate.

First Period: Intensive Theoretical Courses

The first 8 weeks of the programme you are taking courses to improve your cultural knowledge on European topics.

The first part of the program:

  • European Cities Understanding social and cultural developments in European regions and cities (including field trip to Berlin)
  • European History of Art A journalistic approach:  looking at European Art as an expression of ideas in (transitional) periods (including visit to Berlin museums)
  • European Fiction (discussing the relations between society & modern literature and writing a review)
  • European and Islamic Culture (understanding and discussing the complicated relations between Western Culture and the world of the Islam)
  • European Culture and Lifestyle (understanding European Lifestyles & Culture from a journalistic point of view)

Second Period: Research, Reporting & Travel Project

For the second part of the programme, you will use your newly gathered knowledge and insights in European issues for further research and reporting.

  • You will start with individual (guided) research activities and workshops
  • Workshops in advanced research skills, on line research, gathering of information on European developments, blogging and photojournalism
  • After that, you are going on a reporting assignment to a European city

The final weeks of the programme you are going to write and edit your stories for the website.



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